Meet the Team

We are dedicated to taking care of our patients and look forward to seeing you soon!

From Left: Monique Phillipson, Caroline Moths, Charlene Botha and Martin Botha. 

About Us

Outeniqua Optometrists George was founded on 1 March 2002. Martin was not only one of the founders but also the practising optometrist and has been for the past 19 years. Martin is a passionate Optometrist with a passion for people. Born in Durban but proudly George by choice. He loves Mountain biking and all things aquatic, he’s a real nature fanatic.

In 2005 Charlene joined the team as a qualified Optical Dispenser, she runs the on-site cut and fit laboratory. Charlene is a real “Brill Mechanic” and can fix just about any pair of broken spectacles. She also loves nature and animals.

The other lovely two ladies we have on the Outeniqua Optometrist Team are Caroline and Monique. Caroline tackles optometry by day and is a Fitness Instructor when not at the practice. Born Namibian, Mother of a Great Dane, Jack Russell, WIrehaird Terrier, Schnauzer, African Grey and two cats. Caroline is always willing to go the extra mile. Monique is the newest addition to the Outeniqua Optometrist family and guarantees a friendly face and a helpful hand as soon as you enter the practice!

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