COVID-19 Protocol


We are taking Covid 19/SARS Cov-2 very seriously at the practice.
We are doing everything in our control to keep you and ourselves safe and healthy.

Extremely strict measures are put in place at the practice during this very difficult time.

  • We will be working on an appointment only. Appointments will have to be made for all services including collection of spectacles / contact lenses, frame adjustments / repairs.
  •  We will at most times endeavour to only have one patient in the practice at a time, leaving time between patients to sterilize.
  •  No friends / family members will be allowed in the practice with you. An exception is made for young children or person with special needs; in which case only one person may accompany them. Parents, please do not bring siblings in the practice with you, they will be asked to wait in the car with you.
  •  There will be minimal seating in our waiting area, spaced 1,5 – 2m apart
  •  Frames: once you have tried on a frame it will be put aside for sterilization. Please do not bring anyone in with you to try on frames. We have Wi-Fi and you are invited to FaceTime someone for an extra opinion.
  •  You will be asked to sterilize your hands when entering the practice. Please wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you and will be charged to you.
  •  If you are sick with anything that may be contagious please reschedule your appointment. Even if you do not have Covid19 it is imperative that we do not expose our immune systems to any disease at this time.
  • There may be some delays from the suppliers during this time.
  •  We humbly ask for your patience and co-operation during this extremely difficult and stressful time.


It is our mission at the practice to give you friendly, efficient service with your needs at the top of our list of priorities. During this pandemic, things may happen a little slower.

Together we can get through this safely.

Kind Regards,

Martin Botha

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